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Australian buyer for semi automatic filling machines horizontal manual filler for lotion cream filling process
Date:2014-07-24 15:29:04

This week Ms Araya from Mount Eliza , VIC 3930 AU ordered one set of manual filling machines for the lotion filling from 50-180ml .the Payment for

model YX-A manual filling machines is through Western union to our company. as well there are our african customer Ms Linda from Vitting Estates. Tamale Ghana bought one set (1*) horizontal filling machine with hopper

for her lotion filling (filling volume from 100ml-500ml) plus one set of handheld capping machine electric for the corks (28mm in diameter) capping process .

Below is the basic transaction for these two orders :

Proof of payment

Fund transfer _Stelin Ghana Limited.jpg

Videos of testing run on manual filling machines model YX-A and horizontal filling machines semi automatic model YX-LC02

Final packaging of filling machines

carton packaging of manual filling amchiens.jpg

wooden case for filling machines.jpg

Below is the basic information for the filling machines irrespectively :

►Model YX-A manual filling machine to Victoria AU

►Model YX-LC02 Horizontal filling machine with hopper to Tamale

This manual filling machine adopts a piston type structure, the liquid, paste and other materials for 0-50 g quantitative filling. Filling of liquid, liquid food, oil, shampoo, shampoo cream liquid substance, with paste liquid filling machine function. Applicable to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, pesticides and special industries, and also can be used for sealing the hose has the quantitative filling, is the ideal paste liquid filling equipment.
Equipment characteristics

filling manual.gif

The machine has simple and reasonable structure, convenient manual operation, without any energy.
With the filling volume regulator knob, quantitative discharging, filling rate and filling speed can be controlled manually.
The material contact part uses the 316L stainless steel material, suitable for use under acidic medium, to meet the food, pharmaceutical production and health requirements.
Technological parameter of mdoel YX-A Manual filling machine lotion filler equipment

manual filler.jpg

The machine hopper capacity of 10 kg, the user can be set on the filling capacity.
Speed: 20-30 times / minute ( it differs from man to man. )
Filling range: 0-50ml ( external knob, adjustable )
Filling nozzle diameter: 7mmx8mm ( diameter x outer diameter )
Filling accuracy: + 1%
Material of machine:Stainless steel 304 
Filling Range:5-50 ml
Capacity of Hopper:10 kg
Net weight:13 kg
Gross weight:17 kg
Machine size:270x270x700 mm
Packing size: 310 * 310 * 770 mm

part together with manual filling machine for delivery
1 Nozzles:2 pcs(5mm/8mm)
2 0-Ring:2 pcs
3 Guide Manual:1 pcs
we could decide to send the product by DHL or FedEX , it depends on your city address,thank you

Model YX-LC02 horizontal lotion filling machine pneumatic liquid filler equipment semi automatic is applied in medical, chemistry, foodstuff, pesticides and special industries. It is an ideal equipment for filling the high viscosity fluid. As the machine is working without the electricity, it is very safe and the personal design better meets the demands of morden enterprises.This machine adopts pneumatic control and owns a wide application scope, simple measuring regulation, good shape and convenient cleaning, suitable for the explosion-proof unit.  

semi automatic pneumatic filler with equipment.jpg           

1.Reasonable design, compact shape, simple operation, partly adopt the German FESTO /Taiwan AirTac pneumatic components.

2. The contact part with the material is all made of 304 or 316 stainless steel, meet the GMP requirements and Food grade.

3. Filling volume, filling speed can be adjustable, filling accuracy is high.         

4. Adopt the anti-drip, Anti-drawing and lifting filling device. 

Working Principle of pneumatic filling machines:

connection of pneumatic part.jpg 

Three view drawing.jpg    
YX series of semi-automatic filling machine piston filler. Driven by a  
cylinder and piston made from materials with FIVE-way valves control the flow of 

materials, and magnetic reed switch control cylinder itinerary can be regulated                        
filling volume. Rational design of the aircraft, model compact, easy to operate, are used 
pneumatic part of Germany and Taiwan AirTac FESTO the pneumatic components.

Some contact materials are used 316 L stainless steel materials, in line with the GMP requirements.

Filling volume and speed of filling can be arbitrary regulation, filling high accuracy.                       

Technical Parameters of YX series pneumatic filling machine:


semi automatic pneumatic filler with equipment.jpg


Machine  model







Filling speed

10-35n/min(take water for example)

Filling range







Air pressure


Filling error


Machine size

806(L) × 180(W) ×690(H)mm

880(L) ×230(W) ×665(H)mm

880(L) × 230(W) ×665(H)mm

1065 (L) ×230(W) ×665(H)mm

1250(L) ×400(W) ×300(H)mm

1390(L) ×420(W) ×380(H)6mm

Machine weight

42 Kg




64 Kg

86 Kg


Illustration of horizontal filling machine semi autmatic pneumatic filler model YX-LC02

semi automatic pneumatic filler with equipment.jpg

Delivery &shipping&after-sale service for horizontal filling machine and manual filling machine

payment terms for date coding.jpg