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High speed continuous capper machine rotary 8 heads cap equipment for spray caps trigger caps detergent bottles capping
High speed continuous capper machine rotary 8 heads cap equipment for spray caps trigger caps detergent bottles capping
Main technical parameters of high speed capping machine
No. Item Description
01.Dimensions 2000mm (length) * 1800mm (width) * 2800mm (height)
02.Capping head 8heads
03.Stand-alone pass rate 99%
04.Speed 80bpm
05.Voltage 220V-380v, 50-60HZ(Based on requirements)
06.Total power 5kw
07.Air source required 0.6Mpa clean and stable air source
08.Running noise (decibel) ≦80 decibels
09.Machine weight 3.5 tons
10.Machine material Frame: carbon steel outsourcing stainless steel frame;

The pump caps screw capping machine high speed type is composed of several main parts, including bottle/cap feeding + automatic cap elevator and unscrambler+ inlet and outlet bottle templates + capping mechanism + rejection mechanism + electrical control etc.

Drawing of model YX-SCM008 eight heads screw capping machine for spray pump trigger caps:

Model YX-SCM008 drawing.jpg

Features of screw capping machine spray pump caps capper:

8 heas screw capping.jpg
-PLC controlled, integrated cap feeding, grasping, inserting and rotating ( can affiliate with automatic cap sorting machine to realize full automation)

-Production capacity can achieve 80bpm with 8 heads

-Gentle operation, no scratch and injury to caps and containers

-Quick changeovers

-Module structure, manipulate on the touch screen, easy maintenance

-Suitable for different sizes of caps, applicable in daily chemical industry

-Easy connected to filling machine and labeling machine

-Low running noise

Working principle of high speed screw capping machine high speed capper:

Bottle-feeding by screw rod

screw rods.jpg
The bottle-in screw is processed by contour design, with precise and fast bottle feeding; Gentle movements, no damage to bottle. The screw drive follows the main drive, the screw angle can be set via touch screen to make it match with the star wheel. There is a sensor at the bottle-in screw, no bottle, no capping and alarm when bottle-stuck.
Servo Cap feeding:

servo cap feeding.jpg
The screw capper adopts servo motor for cap-feeding chain. The servo motor has the advantages of periodic start and stop, periodic positive and negative rotation, not only reducing noise and avoid cap-stuck.

caps dividing.jpg
The cap divider is customized by the cap shape and different diameters would require changeover, but only the white part in the following pic needs to be changed.

Servo capping:

capping heads.jpg
The screw capping machine uses the Siemens drive system, which combines the control system and servo motor in an ultra-compact unified system for maximum flexibility in minimal space and 90% reduction in wiring.  In the process of capping, the servo motor can control the capping curve movement in sections, and at the same time can ensure smooth segmentation process, and realize the digital capping torque control, which is completely superior to the traditional clutch torque control.  
servo capping.jpg
-Closed loop control by the servo motor and program throughout the capping process;
-Automatically adjust the capping force until the set torque is reached;
-Due to the precise and flexible control of the motion drive module and program, the influence of the inertia of the capping head and the deviation of the parts can be eliminated;
-Torque switching between different products can be achieved simply by changing the set value of the program.
Note: For the 8-head capping machine for trigger cap, the capping heads are different:

8 heas screw capping.jpg
It adopts permanent magnet clutch to control cap torque.
-During capping process, torque evenly spreads to four wheels
-Make non-relative motion between wheels and caps
-Keep static station between wheels and bottles during capping
-High-precious torque control system, a stable and reasonable torque value
Changing different products-templates

changing tools.jpg
Made of PP, designed by bottle shape, with smooth surface. It can not only stabilize the positioning, prevent the bottle from being scratched; and allows quick changeover.
For different specifications of products, it adopts quick-release design. The templates are color-coded to distinguish between different specifications.
Rejection system

rejection system.jpg
Dual-conveyor equipped after capping. The qualified products are normally transported, and the unqualified ones (no cap, no inner tube, misapplied cap) will be automatically split to another conveyor by swing cylinder. When bottle block appears, the capping machine will automatically stop and it will start again when the problem solved.
Safety door
All doors are installed with limit switch to make sure machine stops and sends warning signal when door is open.All production area machines with movable guard are electrically interlocked to completely shut down the main drive and control circuit and bring all machine movement to a rapid stop immediately upon opening the guard
Main technical parameters of screw capping machine liquid detergent capper:

screw capping equipment model YX-SCM008.jpg

touch screen.jpg
No.    Item    Description

01    Dimensions    2000mm (length) * 1800mm (width) * 2800mm (height)

02    Capping head    8heads

03    Stand-alone pass rate    99%

04    Speed    80bpm

05    Voltage    220V-380v, 50-60HZ(Based on requirements)

06    Total power    5kw

07    Air source required    0.6Mpa clean and stable air source

08    Running noise (decibel)    ≦80 decibels

09    Machine weight    3.5 tons

10    Machine material    Frame: carbon steel outsourcing stainless steel frame;
screw cap contacting with cap: polyurethane (PU) ;
Screen door: stainless steel edging, plexiglass; electrical box: stainless steel;
Connection and fixing mechanical parts: carbon steel, stainless steel, etc.;
Seal: rubber

5.2.9 Major technical components

No.    Parts    Brand
1    PLC    Siemens
2    Touch screen    Siemens
3    Servo    Siemens
4    Breaker    Schneider
5    Frequency converter    Siemens
6    Button    Schneider
7    Alarm light    Schmersal
8    Safety door switch    Schmersal
9    Sensor    SICK/IFM/LEUZE
10    Remote module     Fbox-WIFI(for instant communication and remote control)
If the above brands are out of stock, we will choose equivalent brands instead.
Automatic cap elevator and unscrambler
It is to arrange the disorderly spray cap regularly by vibrating principle and round cap by positioning plate. The cap is outputted from the cover channel in an orderly manner, and the capping machine is grasped by the distribution plate.
The speed of the unscrambler is automatically adjusted according to the elevator. The elevator is connected with the unscrambler, and automatically controls the cap-sending speed, which is matched with the whole line speed.
-The unscrambler is automatically controlled by the capping machine interface, without manual adjustment.
-The parameters can be stored.
-Quick changeover.

spray cap unscrambler.jpg

caps elevator.jpg

The line can be integrated with the high speed filling machine to form the whole line:

Overall information.png

the line can be integrated with the filling machine.jpg


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