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two heads filling machine pneumatic-driven gear oil 5000ml double nozzles filler eequipment semi automatic
two heads filling machine pneumatic-driven gear oil 5000ml double nozzles filler eequipment semi automatic
Model YX-F2-500
Voltage: 220V/60Hz, 110V/50Hz
Air pressure: 0.4-0.6MPa
Filling speed: 3000pcs/Hour
Hopper Capacity(optional): 50L
Shipping package size: 950*420*380mm
Tank shipping package size: 450*450*500mm
Filling accuracy: ܡ1%
Filling Range: 500--5000ml
Filling Heads: double heads
the weight of the packing machine is 90KG

5Liters filling volume double heads fully pneumatic cream thinner gear oil filling machine explosion-proof semi automatic filler machinery

model YX-F2-500

Drawing of double heads filling machine semi automatic model YX-F2 double heads series

high viscosity liquid filler equipment 5Liter thinner.jpg

drawing of double heads fully pneumatic filling machine 5Lit

drawing of double heads fully pneumatic filling machine 5Lit

This machine is used for filling cream or paste or liquid with thick-viscosity like skin care cream lotion thinner paint etc

pneumatic filler machinery semi automatic.jpg

double heads 500-5000ML filling machine Parameter:
double heads filler.jpg
double heads 1-5L filling machine for thick viscosity materi
Voltage: 220V/60Hz, 110V/50Hz
Air pressure: 0.4-0.6MPa 
Filling speed: ≤3000pcs/Hour
Hopper Capacity: 50L
Shipping package size: 950*420*380mm
Tank shipping package size: 450*450*500mm
Filling accuracy: ≤±1% 
Filling Range: 500--5000ml
Filling Heads: double heads
the weight of the packing machine is 90KG

Working principle of fluid power in the double heads filling machine:

filling machine illustration (1).JPG


Fluid power is a way to move big stuff, move it fast, and do it in a really small package. Fluid power uses a gas or liquid under pressure to move a piston or shaft to do work.

Pneumatic and hydraulic systems, otherwise referred to as fluid power systems, function based on interplay between competing forces. Fluid power means transmitting power, converting power to a usable form and transferring the power to where it’s needed. Fluid power systems use liquids (hydraulic systems) and gases (pneumatic systems) to transmit power.

Why Choose Fluid Power Systems over Electrical or Mechanical Systems?

Fluid power produces linear motion using pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders as opposed to electrical and mechanical methods. You don’t need electrical power for fluid power systems, eliminating the risk of shocks, fire, sparks or even explosions. They do not use electricity to operate, meaning a large and expensive explosion proof case is not needed.

Pneumatic systems will simply stall when broken instead of possibly exploding like electrical motors. Medical facilities also use pneumatics in place of hydraulics for the same reason as food manufacturers. They are much safer and cause almost no contamination if they break.

Pneumatics are also favored for their resistance to heat; electric motors are prone to overheating but with gas, pneumatic systems do not produce nearly as much heat due to the compressed air constantly carrying heat away.

Understanding the Difference Between Pneumatic and Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic systems are typically preferred in heavy equipment and machines requiring major power transmission.

The important principles of pneumatics are essentially the same as hydraulic system, but there are several distinctions to keep in mind.

  1. Pneumatics utilizes gas instead of liquid to transfer power
  2. Because gas can be compressed, there is a delay in movement in pneumatic systems
  3. Pneumatics generates higher energy costs due to energy lost from heat production during compression
  4. Hydraulics handles greater force than pneumatics

Air is pumped into a receiver and compressed, ready to be used by the pneumatic system as needed. The air taken from the area around the compressor is filled with contaminants such as dirt, dust and water vapor. To combat this, strong filters are installed keep the air clean and dry.

Advantages of Pneumatics over Hydraulics&Electricity

filling machine illustration (3).JPG

The use of gas offers pneumatics several advantages over hydraulics.

  • Pneumatics are used in food applications more often than hydraulics because there is less chance for contamination, whereas hydraulics are used in industrial equipment for their power and control.
  • Pneumatic systems are common in medicinal facilities due to their range of sizes; they are installed where space cannot be taken up by large equipment.
  • Lower pressures in pneumatic systems make them more appropriate for components made of lighter and thinner materials like plastics and aluminum. Hydraulic systems work better for parts made of steel or ductile/gray cast iron
  • Positioning accuracy rivaling electromechanical applications can be achieved in pneumatics through electronic controls. As a result, chemical plants favor pneumatic systems for their precision over hydraulics and electromechanical systems. Fluid power systems combined with electronics adds incredible control and flexibility to pneumatics

The use of pneumatics technology has led to advances in medical and industrial technology which were previously unheard of.

While most filling machines are powered by electricity, products do exist that create a dangerous situation when combined with the possibility of an arc or spark. In these cases, packaging equipment, including filling machines, will be designed and manufactured to run pneumatically. In general terms, pneumatic filling machines replace electrical components with those that run on compressed air.

So why use air instead of electrical power? In a relatively few cases, the electricity necessary to run a bottle filler may simply not be available in the building or the area where production will take place. Much more often, however, the product itself may be susceptible to reacting in a dangerous manner with electricity. A spark while working with a flammable liquid can have disastrous results, so that the removal of electricity from the equation ensures the safety of the equipment and those working with the equipment. With some harsh chemicals, even the fumes may react in a negative manner in the event of an arc or a spark from an electrical element.

In these cases, the different components of the filling machine will be powered by compressed air rather than electrical signals. Different functions will be controlled by the compressed air depending on the type of filling principle being used, but almost any fill type can incorporate pneumatic controls or components for the unique products mentioned above. This change allows products such as alcohols, acids, bleaches and a number of other chemicals to take advantage of automated packaging without turning the production floor in to a hazardous location.

While pneumatic equipment is the exception rather than the norm, it is always important to analyze your product and your production environment to ensure that such dangers are not present. Liquid Packaging Solutions will help packagers walk through this and other considerations to ensure that the best packaging equipment can be chosen for any given project.

Applications of Pneumatic Systems

Versa-Bar's unique metallurgical makeup makes it perfect for custom parts for the fluid power industry.

Factory automation is the most common sector for pneumatics operations, most packaging and manufacturing requires precise, repetitive movement and pneumatic systems are perfect for those applications. Pneumatics are capable of much more than just fast repetitive motion. The gas used in these systems allows for a cushioning effect. Knowing this, manufacturers have implemented pneumatics into squeezing and pressing functions as well.

Additionally, because pneumatic systems use lower pressure than hydraulics, they can be built using lighter and cheaper materials, making them an absolute favorite for industrial companies.

Common Examples of Pneumatic Systems

  • Air brake systems
  • Pipe organs
  • Handheld jackhammer
  • Pneumatic mail tube systems
  • Conveying systems
  • Waste collection
  • Office chairs with adjustable height
  • Pneumatic bladders
  • Medical tools

This is a tiny list. Pneumatics are used in almost every industry you can think of, from food and medicine to theme parks, aircraft, farm equipment and more. Pneumatic systems are present everywhere. There is always incentive to make more out of less, and that’s just what pneumatic power offers: more power in less space.

Wearing Parts:Silica gel O-ring System (when delivery, I will prepared enough for you use in one year.

Customer can buy in the future in their country) 

pneumatic filling machinery.jpg

double filling nozzles filling machine.jpg

semi-automatic filling machine piston filler. Driven by a cylinder and piston made from materials with FIVE-way valves control the flow of  
materials, and magnetic reed switch control cylinder itinerary can be regulated filling volume.
Rational design of the aircraft, model compact, easy to operate, are used 
pneumatic part of Germany and Taiwan AirTac FESTO the pneumatic components.Some contact materials are used 304 stainless steel materials, in line with 
the GMP requirements.
Filling volume and speed of filling can be arbitrary regulation, filling high 
pneumatic piston part for filling machine.jpg
 Features: This machine adopts full pneumatic control and owns a wide application scope, simple measuring regulation, good shape and convenient cleaning, suitable for the explosion-proof unit.

filling samples for containers.jpg


►The machine is suitable for filling food trades(such as: pearl milk tea nata de  hick broad-bean sauce chili sauce peanut sauce etc);cosmetics(shampoo frost shower gel);daily health product(toothpaste)

►The machine adopts pneumatic working principle, simple operation, high filling precision,is a certain concentration or certain size granular materials ideal filling  equipment.

After-sales service for double heads filling machines


Wooden case packing for two heads filling machine:

double heads filler.jpg

machine inside wooden case.jpg

wooden case for two heads filler.jpg

Trouble shooting for model YX-F02-500 filling machine:

filling machine illustration (2).JPG

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